Structural Survey

A structural engineer’s report is frequently required at a time of sale. This may be required to investigate and advise upon a specific structural defect, such as a crack in brickwork, a bulging wall, or a sagging roof etc.

Paul Ennis & Company Limited can provide an inspection to comment upon the structural adequacy and condition of all accessible structural load bearing elements of the property, to include roof structure, walls, floors, lintels and beams, along with any outside influences which may present a risk to the foundations, including an appraisal of the entire building for evidence of structural movement or structural damage.

The survey will establish whether the property is in a structurally sound condition and whether there are any signs of disrepair that require attention.

If you want to change the layout of a building or completely change the building from its present use to an alternative use, then the means of structural support arrangement will need to be established. Failure to carry out such checks may render a building unstable. We will review the means of structural support and calculate the suitability of any proposed changes.

Surveys often identify any early signs of a defect so that inexpensive actions can be put into effect to prevent the onset of more significant damage. There are different types of surveys that can be customised to your requirements, if you are in any doubt as to which one is right for you then we will be able to help you.

Typically our written reports will comment upon:

  • The condition of the agreed structural elements to the building, identifying if any defects are present
  • Identify the likely cause of those defects present
  • Recommend any necessary repairs
  • Advise how the remedial works should be undertaken
  • Estimate the likely cost of the remedial works.

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