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How to Choose a Builder for Your Next Project


There are many reasons you might need to use a builder, whether it’s a construction product that needs to be built from scratch, alterations or extensions to an existing property. But building work is a major investment, so everyone wants to know that they’re getting the most for their money. When it’s time to find a builder, it’s important that you find the right people for the job, not only the most qualified and experienced, but also the ones who have a team that you can work with to get the best result. Here’s how to choose a builder for your next project.

Put a brief together

Many people know vaguely what they want to achieve when it comes to construction work, but the more specific you can be, the easier it is to get an accurate quote from builders and ensure they can achieve the desired result. It helps if you work with a builder who also offers architectural services, as they’re used to taking a vague idea and designing something specific to suit your needs.

Get a comprehensive quote

Most people will get quotes from more than one builder, but it’s worth keeping in mind that quotes can vary for many reasons. It’s important to check:

  • What’s included in the quote
  • Whether the builder has adequate insurance
  • Whether you need planning permission – this can mean extra fees
  • Get everything in writing – be wary of builders who’ll only give a verbal quote

Getting a quote is an important part of your initial consultation period, ensuring that the work you want to get done is feasible, as well as within your budget. Any reputable building companies will therefore take time to create a personalised quote and talk you through the process, so you can know exactly what you’re signing up for. Remember, the cheapest quote isn’t always the best, and won’t necessarily work out the cheapest in the long run.

Get word of mouth recommendations

Many builders still get the majority of their clients the old-fashioned way, through word of mouth recommendations. Although, now that there are online review sites, it’s easier than ever to find out more about your local builder. If your friends and family haven’t had building work recently, then ask your builder of choice for references or take a look at their portfolio. They’ll often have testimonies from previous clients that you can see.

Deal with builders directly

Some building firms use a lot of sub-contractors to carry out the work, which means there can be a lack of quality control. Look for building firms who use fully-employed construction staff who are fully qualified and have experience. You should have a contact at the firm who can answer your questions day to day, and who can project manage the build from start to finish.

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