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Five Ideas for Your New Home Build



Are you building a new home or thinking of building one? Then you’re probably overwhelmed with the many ideas available to you. The trick here is to focus on what you want out of your home and how best to get it.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best ideas to give you the home of your dreams.

Home Construction Ideas

Want to make your home awesome? Why not try one of these amazing ideas to turn an ordinary house into something truly spectacular?

  1. Add a panic room. Who doesn’t love the idea of a secret room in their home? A panic room can protect you in case of intruders, but it’s also pretty useful for just hanging out in private. In fact, many famous folks used their secret rooms as offices. You can outfit yours any way you want, but just make sure you keep it a secret!
  2. Include a central vacuum system. If you’ve ever had to drag the hoover up a flight of stairs just to do the floors up there, you know what a hassle it is. A very simple method of eliminating that annoyance is to build a central vacuum system. This is just a unit that sits in a utility room and has inlets set throughout the home. All you need to do is grab a hose and attach it to an inlet in any room and use that to hoover the floor. It’s far easier to move a hose around and you can even have multiples in different levels of the house, to keep things organised.
  3. Install a high-quality kitchen. If you plan to ever sell, having a high-grade kitchen will make your home worth that much more. Plus, it’s so much simpler to cook in a kitchen that is really designed for enjoyment. A faucet that swings over the cooktop is a wonderful way to eliminate the burden of hauling heavy pots of water back and forth and you can easily upgrade your stove to be professional quality. Add in built-in convection ovens and a quality refrigerator and you have a kitchen that just begs you to cook amazing meals.
  4. Integrate your electronics. These days, it’s pretty simple to incorporate your electronics right into your home. Get your architect to help you design the system of your dreams and then build it in. This goes far beyond incorporating a music system that follows you through the home. You can set everything up so that you can monitor your entire home from a distance, set the thermostat while on holiday, turn lights on and off, or raise and lower the garage door, among many other facilities. If you have an electronic in your home, it can be controlled by a central system.
  5. Add a laundry chute. No matter what size your home, if you have more than one floor, you need a laundry chute. This is a simple chute built into the walls of the home to take laundry directly to the laundry room. It makes life much simpler, since there is no need to haul dirty clothes down to the laundry room every time. If you’re dreading hauling the clean clothes back up, you might want to switch to a dumb waiter, which is essentially a mini elevator inside the wall that can be moved up or down as needed. It is a great way to make your life much easier.

What is a great idea to add to your new home will vary drastically according to the person. It might be a good idea to sit down and write out all the things you struggle with on a daily basis. What tasks are most challenging or annoying for you? What do you wish you could change in your current home?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start to look for solutions. If you find it difficult to haul laundry up and down the stairs, you might want a dumb waiter, for example. If you find that air quality is an issue for you, look into having an HVAC system built in. The idea here is to solve problems with your home build. When you know what your biggest pet peeves are in a home, you can easily create a solution for them in your new home.

The Advantages of New Build Houses

If you’re not building your own home, but are in the market for a new place, then buying a brand new house is a good way to go. New build houses are the best choice for most new homeowners and for good reason.

Often, as the house is still being built, you’ll get to decide the finishes in the home. From flooring and fixtures to colours and fittings, you’ll get input on how the final look comes together. For many people, this is a good alternative to building a home from the start. You get all the benefits of personalisation, without the hassles of managing the building process. If this is important to you, make sure you look for a new build home that is available for this purpose.

New homes usually come with a warranty, for up to 10 years. That gives you peace of mind, since you’ll have protection against any major flaws in the home. Should something turn up, you won’t be responsible for paying for it. Add to this the fact that new builds tend to be problem free and low maintenance right from the start and you have an excellent reason to purchase a new home.

Brand new homes tend to be built to be more energy efficient, as well. If you want to save on your energy bills and live a more eco-friendly life, a newer home is a good option. It’s also a healthier option for anyone who deals with allergies or has asthma. Newer homes usually have much better filtration.

The safety standards that homes must be built to at this point in time will also give you peace of mind. They are designed to be secure and fire resistant, with plenty of windows. You’ll be able to specify what you want, of course, but a new home tends to have double pane windows installed and will be cost-effective, as well as safer. Security measures can also reduce the cost of insurance for your home.