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Choosing A Good Builder: Three Tips


So you’ve decided to build an extension or modernise your house? Whatever your building work, it is essential though that you choose a company that can do what they say and can do it on time, on cost and in a satisfactory manner.

We’ve all seen the TV programmes where cowboy builders are caught on CCTV wrecking people’s houses and ruining lives – you need to make sure that you aren’t one of them!

The vast majority of builders are competent, honest and professional, but it makes sense to be careful and do your due-diligence by carrying out some straightforward checks.

Here are some vital tips to ensure that you get it right!


What type of builder do you want to use?

Decide if you want to use a company that employees its tradespeople and has a system of management in place or a sole trader who carry’s out various trades themselves and hires sub-contractors in to do the elements they cannot. The larger company may be more expensive but will get the work completed in less time and to a quality assured standard. The one man band would take longer and if they have issues (for example if they have an accident, who finishes the work).

Once you have decided what level of builder to use, consult a number of different builders on a like for like basis and get a number of quotes. The cost isn’t the only consideration but a reasonable price is obviously a major factor in choosing which company to go with. Beware any that look especially cheap however – it may mean that they plan on cutting corners and provide you with work that is not up to standard or that may even be dangerous.

It is also good advice to check the builders qualifications, both professional and trade. Believe it or not there are people out there that set themselves up as a building company with no qualification, limited experience and no insurance – Please be aware!

Receiving multiple quotes will not only get you a range of prices, it will also provide you an opportunity to meet the contractor and work out if they are the type of person you’ll be happy to work with. Remember they will be in your home for a good period of time.


Write a Brief and have drawings prepared.

You are the person paying for the works – Have a written brief so you get exactly what you want! You should include as many instructions as possible along with a full set of working drawings.


Ask Your Family, Friends and Colleagues

Like many similar professions, construction work is often based on word of mouth and recommendation. Use people that you trust for an honest assessment of a particular builder and the work that they have done. Always ask to visit previous jobs carried out by the builder of a similar type and specification, there is no point the builder showing you a bedroom loft conversion if you want a new kitchen extension.


Paul Ennis

If you are looking for an honest and experienced builder in the Liverpool or Southport area, look no further than Paul Ennis. With years’ experience and a huge amount of satisfied customers, we can look after you. As well as being a Chartered Building Company we have our own in-house Architects and Structural Engineers. For a no-obligation visit to discuss the process, call Paul Ennis direct on 01704 562675 to make an appointment. Thank you.