Asbestos Management - Paul Ennis

Asbestos Management

There is now a statutory requirement for landlords, tenants and managing agents to manage asbestos in buildings. Please note that it is now a requirement for all commercial property, regardless of when they were constructed, to have an asbestos register for any materials suspected of containing asbestos known as a management survey.

This will entail having survey carried out and samples will be taken form the site. The samples will then be sent to a laboratory analysis/testing. On receipt of the results form the laboratory we will provide an Asbestos Register and in some circumstances recommend having the asbestos encapsulated or removed.

You will require an asbestos survey known as a refurbishment/demolition survey if you are intending to carry out internal alterations and or demolish the building. This is to enable building/demolition contractors be aware of any asbestos containing materials and take the necessary precautionary measures during the works.

Initial advice can be provided through to arranging surveys and the necessary works on site.