5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home


When shopping for a new home, there are certain features that we all look out for. Whether it’s an area to park or big spacious rooms, certain things just make a house more marketable. If you are looking to sell (or perhaps just boost the value of your home in general), there are plenty of ways you can increase the worth.

Add a conservatory

Building a conservatory is a great way to add value to your home. Not only are they a quick and easy way to add extra space, but they also make the perfect place to relax in a bright and spacious environment. You do not, however, want to rush into a conservatory extension without ensuring that it matches the aesthetic of your home – an unattractive and out of place conservatory will not only look bad, but may not actually add value to your home. A well-built conservatory can add 5% to the value of your home, so getting in touch with a decent architect is well worth doing.

Maintain appearance

It may seem obvious, but giving the outside of your house a fresh coat of paint can really transform the look and feel of the building. Make sure that you maintain the outside of your house as this is the first thing that people see. A well-maintained and skilfully designed garden can make a property more fit for sale. At the very least get rid of any dead plants and weeds, cut overgrown trees and give your lawn a treatment to make sure it looks its best.

Loft conversion

A loft conversion can also add value to your home while creating more space – and it can be a much cheaper option than going for a full-blown extension. An extra bedroom or bathroom (or both) in a house increases floor space and will raise the value of your home.  

Create a driveway

Creating an area for off-street parking can boost the value of a property massively, especially in areas where parking on the street is restricted and people are battling for spaces. It may mean that you have to give up some or all of your front garden to create one or two parking spaces, but for many people who are buying a house, being able to park easily with no stress is a priority.

Convert the garage

If you have a garage it might be a good idea to look into converting it as this can really raise the value of a property. As mentioned above, home buyers will be looking for houses that optimise the space they have. You can convert a garage that is attached to your house into a bedroom, playroom or study for much less money than a loft conversion or conservatory extension.

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