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5 Qualities of a Top Architect


There are many skills and qualities that make a top architect. If you are considering an extension, conversion or designing a brand new building, you want to make sure that you have a reliable and experienced architect on board – someone who can bring your ideas to life and spot any potential problems before they happen. Listed below are we look at a few valuable qualities you should look for in a good architect.

Ability to visualise a project

A good architect is able to envisage the end results of a project before they have happened and spot any potential problems or mistakes that may occur along the way. Before starting a project, they must be aware of what is required from of the builders and other parties involved in creating the design.

Excellent listening and communication skills

Exceptional listening skills are a very important trait of a successful and reliable architect – after all, the aim is to bring a client’s vision to life. An architect must listen to the client’s needs in order to completely understand what they are seeking after. Many discussions will be held, so good verbal and written communication skills are also key traits. If an architect thinks that a project may not be able to go ahead as the client would like wants, they must be able to come up with effective solutions and effectively communicate other ideas.

Passionate about the work

An important trait of a good architect is passion – after all, the best architects are the ones who started in the field because they enjoy it. Passionate architects are enthusiastic, ambitious, focussed and work to a high standard. Finished projects are their works of art, and they will go above and beyond to ensure that goals and needs of the Client are met and accomplished.


Different projects come with different amounts of pressure and workload, and a good architect must be able to adapt to different projects, sizes and requirements. Projects are always open to change and unexpected problems can crop up. A good architect will be adaptable and able to overcome any problems without getting overwhelmed or stressed by the pressure.

Impressive sense of design

A top architect must have an eye for quality design. Clients usually have a good idea of what they want, but it is then up to the architect to provide designs and bring their ideas to life. Following on from this, a good architect must also be good at translating ideas onto paper. Good drawing skills are an essential (whether that be by hand or on the computer). These sketches and drawings are given to clients and builders so they must show the design ideas clearly.

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